My creative roots come from a background of textiles and fine art; my knowledge and expertise comes from working in education; my passion comes from my love of painting. It is through the merging of these three elements that I have arrived at where I am today, able to express my creativity confidently and freely as an experienced artist and designer.

Julie Klimentos | Artist, Designer, Educator

I am an artist, designer and educator. I studied Fine Art/Textiles at Goldsmith’s University, London.

An opportunity to move overseas took me to South Africa, the Middle East and Egypt, where I then started on a path as an International Art Educator and artist. I have been teaching Art in American International Schools for the past 20 years. As an experienced art educator I have enjoyed sharing my passion for art with students from all over the world, and inspired many to follow their own artistic path. 

Its A Jungle Out There - Painting in location - Julie Klimentos Art & Design

“I love the physical action of painting. The connection with the canvas. My work is a joyous celebration of life through a fearless use of vibrant colours combined with patterns and textures. Layers of broken imagery are partially revealed, partially hidden, like a story unfolding, drawing the viewer into an image that becomes understandable and recognisable.”